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Genetic testing starts with the collection of nucleic acids. Collect superior samples for molecular detection of nucleic acids.

All genetic testing and personalized medicine start with the collection of nucleic acids. Simplifying collection and ensuring high quality samples are the best ways to optimize clinical sampling and the validity of test results.

DNA Ellipsis medical is a clinical diagnostic products are ideal for any clinical application that requires DNA to derive a result. And person are interested to know exactly what's happen. The products offer an all-in-one system for reliable collection, stabilization and transportation of high quality samples.


Discover pur genetic predisposition to develop over 125 diseases with the test.


Why don't some medicines have the effect you expected? Discover which ones.


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From the moment you return your kit, the average time processing time for the results is approximately 4-6 weeks depending on factors such as how long it takes the sample to reach us. As soon as your results are ready, we will contact you so that you can log onto your account (in the area for clients on the website) and view them. Your results will be available in pdf format to make it easier to download them, print them or save them in a LISB memory stick. Remember that before opening the results you will have the opportunity to decide if there is any information you would prefer not to see listed.