Endo-Compatibility Profile

All genetic testing and personalized medicine start with the collection of nucleic acids. Simplifying collection and ensuring high quality samples are the best ways to optimize clinical sampling and the validity of test results.

Discover your own unique and personal response to CBD, THC YOUR and terpenes and potential side effects. An in-depth scientific report shows how your unique genetic makeup may best respond to cannabis strains and formulations. Results include product recommendations, suggested dosage guides and methods of administration. For patients and physicians.

More control.
Fewer surprises

Learn the most ideal ratios, methods, and dosing for your body. Know which terpenes and cannabinoids to seek or avoid. Identify the specific products and brands most aligned with your genetics.
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Includes a FREE account on — a web portal for securely browsing reports online. With the account you receive:
Wellness Plan — Aids in discussions with your healthcare provider Drug Interactions —Potential drug and nutritional supplement interactions. Cannabinoid Ratios: — C8D:THC ratios along with dominant Terpene profiles for a more exact way to align your cannabis experience with your genetics. And more! — New reports and features as they are released.

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