Birth Control

Birth Control

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Contraceptive methods: How to choose the best for you

Learn what contraceptive methods are, which are the most effective, least safe, and most widely used. If you are trying to choose the ideal contraceptive method for you, you should read this.

What other benefits do oral contraceptive methods have?

Profit                                               Risk reduction: (%)
Pregnancy                                                     99% 
Ectopic pregnancy (Outside the uterus)    90%
Ovarian cysts                                                78%
Enf. Pelvic Inflammatory (EPI)                     50%
Anemia                                                           50%
Dysmenorrhea                                               50%
Primary infertility                                          40%
Ovarian and endometrial cancer                 40%
Uterine fibroids                                             17%

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