Ellipsis Drugstore currently ships to countries around the World, please see below for a complete list. Shipping charges may vary depending on the country but generally the shipping charge is $25.00 USD (shipping to the US $10.00 USD Canada is $5.00 CND. Shipping to UK, Australia is $10.00 USD from most countries). For International orders in some cases the shipping timeframe may be longer than 30 days and customers are required to be familiar with the drug importation laws of their own countries.

All orders are limited to a 90 day supply and require a valid prescription written by a Doctor. You can use ELLIPSISVIRTUAL.COM for you prescription

Some products depending on origin pharmacy may not to be available to all International destinations. Please check with our customer service department to verify availability.

The Country List We Ship To:
Albania Belize Chile El Salvador Honduras Japan Morocco Philippines
Algeria Bermuda China Fiji Hong Kong Kazakhstan Netherlands Poland
Angola Bolivia Colombia France Hungary Kenya New Zealand Portugal
Argentina Brazil Costa Rica Germany India Kuwait Nicaragua Romania
Aruba British Virgin Islands Croatia Ghana Indonesia Latvia Nigeria Russia
Australia Bulgaria Cyprus Greece Iran Lithuania Norway Saudi Arabia
Bahamas Cambodia Denmark Grenada Ireland Malaysia Pakistan Singapore
Bahrain Canada Dominican Republic Guadeloupe Israel Malta Panama Slovenia
Barbados Cape Verde Ecuador Guam Italy Mexico Paraguay South Africa
Belgium Cayman Islands Egypt Guatemala Jamaica Monaco Peru South Korea
United States Uruguay Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam Spain Sweden Switzerland
Taiwan Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom